What does THAT even mean?


Hydrophobe (n)

Having no radiating processes;
Applies particularly to certain nerve cells.

When Kia Motors recently announced the 2014 version of their popular model the Cadenza was going to be equipped with hydrophobic windows as a standard option, the room was quiet.  It was as if people wanted to be impressed, but let’s be honest here they likely had no idea what THAT technology actually meant.  They’re not alone, either.  After all, do you understand this level of science?

It’s actually quite fascinating, which is why we wanted to take a few moments to break it down into layman’s terms.  In short, this means the windows of this forthcoming vehicle will have been specially formulated to repel all forms of condensation.  That’s right, think Rain-X, and then imagine this degree of protection being built into the glass that surrounds your vehicle.

This is revolutionary stuff, folks, but is it ready for mass production?  Kia believes so, and from early tests it would appear they might be right.

With all forms of aftermarket products in stores claiming to improve visibility while driving, it’s no surprise somebody decided to capitalize on this cutting edge technology.  As to whether or not it will be worth it, suppose that depends upon the individual and what’s important to them when purchasing a vehicle, as well as how it stands up after years of weather related elements.

To best understand what’s at play here and perhaps draw a visual (besides the photo provided above), let’s take a closer look at the science behind Hydrophobic Effect.  This is a term used by trained professionals to explain the process of “water-fear.”  Yes, you heard us correctly.  Imagine a surface that naturally (or in this case when treated) cannot mix with, dissolve in, or become wet by adding water.  We’ll simply leave it that.  Even though it can be broken down to a much smaller molecular level, we know we’d run the risk of losing you, and ourselves.

So, there you have it… a quick Chemistry lesson, in order to appreciate the attention to detail that some of these vehicle manufacturers tend to have.  It’s been confirmed this feature will be for sale real soon; however, whether or not you’re buying remains to be seen.

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