MyArea Card (MAC) chooses CHANGE

If we were betting people, we’d be willing to wager that you’ve heard of the Entertainment Book.  You know, the multi-colored coupon oriented publication that you most likely purchased to support a school fundraiser a time or two (or more).  Well, were you aware that there’s another form of receiving equal benefits that doesn’t require […]

Family Haven

Family Haven is one of many services that ICCF offers our community.  We count it a privilege to partner with this fine organization, which is why it is our pleasure to offer “Change Your Oil… Change A Life” on June 18, 2011.  100% of all monies received this day will go directly to ICCF.  A […]

Choose CHANGE.


"Change" is afoot…

06.18.11 Save the date. 846 E Fulton.  Community Automotive Repair.  GR, MI 8am-? We’re in this together. Stay tuned.

It IS a small world after all.

(forgive us for planting that children’s jingle in your head, but the title fits) Not that we can see a show of hands through the interwebs but something tells us if we asked there would be several of you that have visited a really small town.  You know, where there is one four-way stop and […]