Safe Winter Driving

icy roads

No matter how long you may have resided in a colder climate, there are a few key components to safe winter driving we always recommend.  Fortunately, the team at AutoNet TV released a video in collaboration with Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Colorado, where they highlight these critical tips.

Here in Michigan (at least thus far) the season has been fairly mild, but if you pay attention to the video it confirms that sub-zero temperatures don’t necessarily mean more difficult driving conditions.  To that end, we’ve seen our fair share of 30 degree days, flirting with that freezing point that still maintains moisture.  Whether on the most unsafe or virtually hazard free roads, safe driving is a learned skill.

We hope this short video provides some helpful insight for your defensive driving efforts.  Stop by and see us if you have other questions.

How to drive safely in winter (3:04)

Written by cargrandrapids