If you managed to pull away from the coverage of last night’s NFL Pro Bowl (or whatever else you may have been doing) long enough to catch ABC’s evening lineup, the heading of this post requires no clarification.  For those that didn’t, r.a.b. stands for Remember Alex Brown, and yesterday evening there was a montage of programs (led by Extreme Makeover, home edition) paying respect to this young lady and her family.  Their story isn’t exactly unique and they’ll be the first to tell you so; however, what is quite special is the amount of responsibility they’ve taken to share it and educate people all around the nation.  The Brown family lost their oldest daughter Alex in a distracted driving accident, where she was confirmed to have been texting and lost control of her moving vehicle.  Even as you read this you might be saying to yourself, “I do that all the time.”  We would recognize that as a common reaction; but not a good one.  Distracted driving accidents are happening more than ever before and for the sake of making it to your final destination safely, our hope is that you would completely eliminate texting while driving.  Draw the proverbial line in the sand or better yet, step out and take the pledge through r.a.b.
Whether you have kids of your own, or just happen to value the quality of life, please consider supporting this initiative in whatever way you’re able.  Easy ways to do this include (to name a few) printing out the pledge and distributing it to groups of which you’re a part, link to the r.a.b. website through social media, write your local high school principal or superintendent and ask them to get behind preventative education related to this epidemic, and naturally take the time to share this with your friends and family.  You’re of course welcome to do nothing, as we have no interest in motivating you through guilt.  That is not our objective.
It makes sense that an auto repair facility would take an invested interest in matters dealing with vehicles, driving, and safety but make no mistake about it, our main concern is the lives of these young kids and their families.  If calling brief attention to this matter helps prevent one fatality, or even make somebody think twice about the risk they’re accepting, we’ll consider our/your time well spent.
For more information about r.a.b. please visit the foundation’s website by clicking here, or become a fan of their facebook page and go viral with their message.

Written by cargrandrapids