It’s been almost two years since the initial concept of this expansion proposal was first discussed.  We’ve learned a great deal through this process, probably none more important than the routine intricacies and protocol that must be adhered to verbatim.  Also, it became very evident just how delicately we had to navigate each step at times so the best advice we can offer is “do your homework well ahead of schedule.”

Thank you to everyone in our immediate neighborhood and surrounding communities, especially independent local business owners.  We’re really fortunate to be members of such a forward thinking and supportive business alliance, and we can’t express enough gratitude to the East Fulton / Wealthy / East Hills / Midtown/ Eastown / Uptown areas.  Truly, we believe just about anything is possible with this group, collectively.

Phase 1 consists of making room for 10-12 additional parking spaces, something we’ve desperately needed and know will please our neighbors.  Phase 2 (which is still inconclusive) is to build out 5 additional mechanic bays.  Our business flow warrants the expansion, but given our lack of desire to relocate or open a second location, we’re limited by what real estate may be available.  Consistent efforts will be made to achieve our goal of growing this business to meet the demands of our community.  Once we have definitive updates, we’ll post them to our website.

Thanks again for hanging in there with us.  It means more than we can properly convey.

Written by cargrandrapids