Inspection(s) can make/break experience


An article published earlier this year in US News & World Report suggests six car buying mistakes to avoid, where #5 on the list is “Not getting a used car checked out.”
We cannot stress enough how this process can either lead to a favorable purchasing experience, or a chain of unfortunate events.  The old adage of “do your homework” couldn’t possibly be more applicable here.
We offer three different levels of inspections at Community Automotive Repair.  The first is a visual inspection that basically seeks to document common wear/tear and any upcoming or overdue maintenance services.  This is offered complimentary with each visit.
The remaining two inspection levels are different in that one (L1) is reserved more for an owner that’s already had the vehicle and would like to assure it’s “up to par” or safe for upcoming travel, whereas the more comprehensive option (L2) is specifically designed for pre-purchase circumstances.
It’s always best to identify and confirm the actual condition rather than be surprised by a breakdown with a vehicle you already own, or roll the dice on something new (to you) and risk being stuck with a lemon.
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Written by cargrandrapids