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Every car company has “recalls” from time to time. Unfortunately, recalls (repairs for which you, the consumer, don’t have to pay) have to be performed at a dealership to be reimbursed by the manufacturer.
It’s come to our attention that many of our customers are being told by the dealer, in addition to the “recall”, their vehicle needs numerous other repairs that are not covered by the “recall”.
As a customer of Community Automotive Repair, you know we believe in vehicle maintenance, but we also don’t perform unnecessary repairs. We recommend if you get a call while your car is at the dealership with a ‘laundry list of needs’, to thank them for the information and then give us a call for a FREE 2nd opinion.  Our intention is to keep our competition honest and they shouldn’t be offended so long as they’re already behaving with integrity and respect.  This is for your benefit, bottom line.
We will be happy to re-inspect those items at no charge, just give us a call and we will set an appointment at your convenience. With an appointment, we should be able to do this while you wait.
If you’re not able to wait, or you have to leave your car for additional repairs or service, we will even give you a *FREE loaner car just for giving us the opportunity to give you a 2nd opinion.
(*) loaner cars are first come first served, may need to call ahead of time to assure availability

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