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It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally able to confirm our new website design is live! There are a number of things we hoped to accomplish with this revision, not the least of which is making the browsing experience more efficient and responsive for our end user(s). Among other things, we’re proud to bring a swift and fatal blow to the horizontal scrollbar. We allowed that beast to live in our domain too long, and we humbly apologize for those of you that had to tolerate when it would rear its ugly head.  Thankfully, this site is also maximized for mobile viewing.  Our old layout didn’t look too bad on tablets and laptops but seeing as though the majority of you are now using iPhones to browse, it makes sense we would lay out a red carpet for you (and we have).

There are still some sections we’re developing, so please be patient as we fill in the missing pieces. All the functionality you’ve come to love is present and accounted for, and more. We appreciate your support and trust this online means of communicating our message, scheduling appointments, and answering any questions you may have will make the best use of your time. Speaking of which, we know you’re busy, so feel free to open the door and have a look around at – your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Written by cargrandrapids

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