MyArea Card (MAC) chooses CHANGE

If we were betting people, we’d be willing to wager that you’ve heard of the Entertainment Book.  You know, the multi-colored coupon oriented publication that you most likely purchased to support a school fundraiser a time or two (or more).  Well, were you aware that there’s another form of receiving equal benefits that doesn’t require you to carry around a book?
That’s right, entering into the scene is a new technology offered by Grand Rapid’s own MyArea Card.  Have you spotted MAC around town?
Community Automotive Repair is one of hundreds of other local businesses/organizations featured in this new program.  For $25 you receive a card no bigger than a typical credit card, but we guarantee it can’t/won’t create a similar burden.  No use of credit here, pay the one time $25 fee and start SAVING money – it’s that simple!
MyArea Card and Community Automotive Repair have partnered to offer you significant discounts on quality services in West Michigan, but MyArea Card can also be utilized as a fund raising vehicle (much like its predecessor, Entertainment Book).
Even better, MyArea Card has graciously offered a FREE pre-activated membership ($25 value) to all parties that preregister to CHANGE by 06/17.  Have you chosen CHANGE?

Written by cargrandrapids