LOL (nobody's laughing)

Last week we called your attention to a very serious issue – texting and driving, and more specifically distracted driving fatalities.  For those of you wondering why space on this blog might be reserved for such a topic, let me assure you the value of human life is the reason.  That’s the bottom line.  Matters will only get worse if we ignore them, as this is no different than any other epidemic we face today.  We must believe that even our small efforts here help make a difference.
There are groups carrying this torch far better than we’re able so this entry is simply an introduction to another one of them.  Where LOL has become texting lingo for Laughing Out Loud, we assure you there is a more critical meaning behind LOST OUR LIVES.
Rather than add our own colorful commentary, we believe the footage here will speak for itself:
Part 1
Part 2
There are countless other meaningful ways this issue has been covered across the nation.  This and a few others are the ones garnering the most attention at the moment, but we don’t mean to discredit or undermine their predecessors.
Choose to listen.  Act if you feel so moved.  It’s your choice.  We’ve made ours.

Written by cargrandrapids