Land Rover’s Full Maintenance Service Plan

FAQ About Your Service Plan

The Land Rover is everybody’s SUV. It’s as at home on the Interstate highway as it is on a jungle safari. Owners maintain all the comforts and amenities of a luxury vehicle while staying as rugged as it needs to be. This magical combination doesn’t happen without help from the manufacturers and the vehicle owners. Manufacturers have designed a maintenance service plan, and responsible owners follow it. Your Land Rover’s maintenance service plan is as follows:

After One Year/16,000 Miles

Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter changes are the all-important maintenance service that should never be ignored or delayed. That’s why it’s first on the to-do list after your Land Rover’s dashboard notification goes off around the 12-month or 16,000-mile mark. Let the service experts at Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, know about your driving habits and purposes for your Land Rover. We can tailor your oil change intervals and details to perfectly match your needs.

Tire Rotation

Take care of your Land Rover’s tires, and they will take care of you. Depending on what type of expedition you plan on taking, the tires on your Land Rover can make all the difference. Just by rotating the tires, you’ll be able to extend and enjoy the life of the tires as you travel across all terrains. Tire rotation during an oil change is a common practice for many vehicle owners. It’s not a bad habit to form, especially for Land Rover drivers.

Comprehensive Vehicle Examination

What Land Rover calls a Comprehensive Vehicle Examination involves several different services at the one-year mark. All of these services may seem minor, but they each can be highly impactful to the safety of your overall road travel. Land Rovers are meant to handle various driving conditions; wiper blades, parking brakes, cabin air filters, exhaust systems, drive belts, and ALL fluids are never missed until they’re gone.

After 32,000 Miles

The next scheduled maintenance service will be due after 32,000 miles. All of the above services will be repeated, except a few services will be added. Your Land Rover will receive an inspection of several system components, including the suspension, wiring harness, steering system, hoses, brake line, as well as a brake system fluid change. Any necessary repair services can be provided at that time.

Make sure you pay attention to your Land Rover’s dashboard notifications and quickly bring it to Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, for a timely service. Visit our service facility at 846 E. Fulton with any questions or concerns you might have about your Land Rover’s overall performance.

Written by Community Automotive