Land Rover Discovery: A Great Vehicle with a Few Common Issues

Adventure on Wheels

As the name suggests, something is interesting to find through every driving situation. Whether you’re taking a day trip to the beach, heading up into the mountains, hauling half the soccer team to the game, or just doing daily battle with commuter traffic to reach your job, your Land Rover Discovery is an adventure on wheels. Like any excellent auto line, this model, however wonderful, does have some commonly reported issues. Even though quirks are expected from any manufacturer, you want excitement from your vehicle, not an adventure in auto repair. That’s why you should rely on Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for Land Rover repair. We’re solid. In business since 1975, we’ve been recognized by organizations such as AAA, Angie’s list, NAPA, the Better Business Bureau, and others.

Commonly Reported Problems

It would help if you always were mindful of what’s typical for your vehicle, keep up with recommended routine preventive maintenance, and watch for signs of trouble. If you sport a Discover, be sure to be extra vigilant regarding these possible issues. Land Rovers are equipped with air suspension systems to help balance owner demands for performance and comfort. While the system is effective at achieving this happy medium, it also lends itself to leaks as the air springs age or encounter road debris. The result is uneven inflation and rides leveling that can be detrimental to handling (possibly causing drifting), comfort, and tire wear. Also, some owners report leaking head gaskets. This allows coolant to escape, perhaps decreasing levels to decrease to the point that can lead to engine overheating.

Further, some drivers point to more than expected oil leaks. The most frequent culprits in the oil pan and valve cover gasket areas. Similarly, the throttle body area is known for a coolant leak (due to the deicer feature). If this happens, you may notice a middle drip that travels down toward the back of the auto. Finally, the rear cargo door latch doesn’t last as long as they’d like for some Discovery drivers. (Now that’s a real problem for that soccer team you’re transporting!)

Your Local Import Auto Repair Partner

If you encounter one of these or another problem with your Discovery, bring your SUV to Community Automotive Repair. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to help with nearly any mechanical difficulty. We specialize in models like yours, so there’s no need to drive extra miles or spend additional cash for Land Rover repair.

Written by Community Automotive