Kids matter


Every now and again we have the opportunity to do things we consider both fun and necessary.  This month happens to be one such occasion.  In an effort to make a difference in the lives of some West Michigan kids this winter, we’ve joined forces with WoodTV8 and the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.  What does this mean for you, you might ask?  Among different answers you might hear, one consistent feeling is that we have a responsibility to take care of others.  It is true that you find several different personalities within our shop, and likely an equal amount of differences, but where none of us sway or falter is our direct understanding of giving when/where we’re able.  This company was founded on the principles of humility and integrity and we hope our contributions in some form or another help those receiving them in ways they may otherwise not have experienced.  Bottom line, it would be easy to get caught up in this exchange and think that it is all about us, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  It isn’t about us.  Not before, not now, and not likely in our future.  It (the opportunity to effect positive change) is about what we do with what we have, period.  We’ve decided this season to challenge ourselves and our customers with a higher calling, one which takes eyes off all of us (and you) so that they may be placed on others that really matter:
Please consider bringing in an unwrapped gift to our shop (not to exceed $10 value) for a child in need before 12/20/10.  If it isn’t possible for you to visit us, we’d prefer that you partner with whatever Angel Tree donation site is nearest you.
Thank you for taking this challenge seriously.  Children are our future.

Written by cargrandrapids