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These two words (refer to subject heading) are the mantra of the 2nd Annual Fund Drive for The Rapidian (05.14.13 – 05.19.13).  We can appreciate if this causes you to flashback to a riveting scene of Star Wars, where Darth Vader himself is using the Force to convince Luke to “join” the Dark Side.  However, we assure you this story has a far better ending, not to mention the lack of some fairly awkward family lineage.

No, this is an entirely different journey altogether.  We have been proud supporters of The Rapidian for two years now, and we’re pleased to come alongside this latest effort to gather resources for their (and ultimately our, as in you AND us) benefit.  You see, as will be adequately described HERE, joining this community is far more rewarding than one may realize.  This is a driving force (of course, not to be confused with the aforementioned Force) that makes things happen, but we/you make it possible for them to effect positive change.  We work in concert, to help shape the future of our respective areas, but more importantly the people within them.

Community Automotive Repair has enjoyed our local alliance, if you will, that consists of all arms of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center (WYCE, Wealthy Theatre, GRTV, The Rapidian), Local First of West Michigan, and Uptown (East Fulton, Wealthy, East Hills, and Eastown).  We’re all family, and each of us wish to see one another thrive.  What’s more is that, we truly receive the greatest confirmation when people within our collective community are the benefactor of these fine organizations’ work and mission.

Among other things, this blog will continue to be a place we’ve reserved for updates, events, and other notable news from our local partners.  As it pertains specifically to this initiative, The Rapidian needs our (and your) help today.

Ways you can become involved are as follows:

Stopping by their office at 1110 Wealthy St SE
Call: 616.459.4788 ext. 124
Donate online HERE

Or for those of you on facebook, you can join their event page that contains all necessary details HERE.

On behalf of all our local friends, thank you for considering how you might Join Us.

(after all, these ARE the droids you’re looking for)


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