It IS a small world after all.

(forgive us for planting that children’s jingle in your head, but the title fits)
Not that we can see a show of hands through the interwebs but something tells us if we asked there would be several of you that have visited a really small town.  You know, where there is one four-way stop and you need to be careful not to blink, lest you run the risk of missing it.  Sound familiar?  Well, although our planet may seem vast, it is still small enough for most people to be connected by six degrees, or something like that.  No offense Kevin Bacon enthusiasts.
The point we’re making is that no matter where you seem to go these days, word travels quickly.  The world we live in may not resemble The Little House On the Prairie in most places, but there isn’t any reason it shouldn’t operate under the same level of open and honest communication.  Fictitious or not, there’s quite a bit to be gained from what Michael Landon demonstrated on this series.  These people truly cared for one another.  Where there was a need there were several people in line to fulfill it.  Their yes was yes and no was no, integrity wasn’t in question.
We promise to eliminate reasons for bingo hall gossip to ever include our name, unless of course it has to do with Tami’s confectionary treats because those are simply divine.  If we receive mention at all, may they be honorable based on exemplary service.

This is our pledge to you.


Written by cargrandrapids