Import Auto Repair—What, Carbon Buildup?

Yes, It Can Happen

Who knew your vehicle’s engine could stop up like a chimney full of resin? Maybe you’re wondering, “Can it do that?” Yes, it can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep up with the recommended preventive maintenance service schedule for your automobile and make timely repairs as soon as you suspect or discover a problem. Rely on Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan for all your import auto repair needs. Our ASE-certified technicians have been taking care of cars in our neighborhood since 1975. That provides a solid track record that’s approaching a half-century! What’s more, we back our work with a great 36 month/36,000-mile warranty.

What Is It?

As applied to your car, what exactly is carbon buildup? You already know that your auto uses fuel for power. That energy is derived from small controlled explosions during the combustion process. One of the byproducts is carbon, some of which is expelled in the exhaust. Some of it, however, deposits in areas of the engine. As layers cover prior layers, a buildup develops over time. Thus, the situation in your engine is not much different from the buildup that can occur in your chimney. Just as you might have a chimney sweep attend to your flue, a mechanic may need to assist you with the carbon deposits that can make your engine’s valves stick or clog your vehicle’s fuel injectors.

How Will You Know?

Since carbon buildup happens gradually, not as a single event, you may not immediately realize that it is happening. There are, however, some signs you can recognize that should prompt you to bring your vehicle to us for service. For instance, your dashboard check engine light may illuminate. While this isn’t an emergency that should incite panic, you shouldn’t ignore it. Bring your car to be checked as soon as feasible. (Note: The check engine light can indicate various issues, not just carbon buildup.) Also, engine misfires, rough idling, or sputtering (as if the power plant is starving for fuel). These symptoms may also manifest themselves as hesitation when you try to accelerate. Another potential signal can be black exhaust smoke. Finally, you may notice a marked decrease in gas mileage. No matter which sign(s) you observe, it’s a good idea to have Community Automotive Repair rid the engine of carbon for you. That will ensure that you get a thorough cleaning without incurring damage. It will also restore your vehicle to an efficient operating condition. For carbon cleaning and all your import auto repair needs, count on our experienced staff to keep your automobile running well.

Written by Community Automotive