Full Circle

I used to have a car for no more than 100,000 miles and then trade it in, regardless of how well it might have been running – but I now realize I was stepping into a new risk each time.”
And then, the refrain changes… as they continue with “The first couple times I did this I ended up in the clear but the last two have left me with lemons… sour, bitter lemons.”
First point: Previous results do not always dictate future results.  Said another way, just because you may have had an amazing experience with something doesn’t guarantee the same will happen with the next thing, even if the one to follow is identical to the first.
Of course, as with most things in life, you should focus on what you can control.  Sometimes Lady Luck may seem on your side, while on other days you’d rather kick her in the shin.  Regardless, you shouldn’t ever place stock in things outside your control without understanding the risk(s) involved.
Final point: Unless you’ve been living underground, you must have heard by now that you get what you give.
When was the last time you neglected to properly care for something?  Anything at all?  Did you happen to notice the amount of time it took for said thing to stop working to its designed specifications?  Vehicle care is definitely NO exception.  While you may get lucky on occasion common sense will tell you that you must pay attention to the small details, unless of course you enjoy the potentially expensive gamble.  Do you prefer life on the edge?  Are you what most would consider a risk-taker?  In either event, don’t depend on us to help you find reasons to see misuse/abuse as a wise investment.
Systematic care of your vehicle doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.  Use your owner’s manual as a guide for what the manufacturer suggests and plan accordingly so your financial commitment doesn’t need to be one you feel in your pocketbook months later.  Any one of our team of trained professionals would be happy to assist this planning process.  Each of us here at Community Automotive Repair already make it a point to inform you regularly of what service(s) your vehicle may need, but we welcome any additional questions you may have, too.
This is Back To School time (we sent a courtesy reminder that it was coming) so all of us should become astute vehicle owners and keep these two very valuable lessons in mind.  Once again, most things come FULL CIRCLE but don’t depend on it entirely and be aware that you GET WHAT YOU GIVE.
Enjoy the fall colors!

Written by cargrandrapids