Fuel up!

Rising gas prices in Grand Rapids, MI

We understand it may be more difficult than ever to overcome the burden of inflated fuel prices, but please don’t allow that to stop your vehicle from receiving the right amount/type of fuel.  Cutting costs at the pump can lead to significant problems long term.  According to a recent study published by AAA, stranded motorist calls have risen 13% over this same time last year.  While some of those likely have nothing to do with self inflicted issues, confirmed statistics have recorded more drivers stating they were looking to “stretch” the amount of miles they get from each tank.
We understand this mentality.  Really, we do.  At the same time, we encourage you to fight this temptation and cut costs elsewhere instead.  Unfortunately, we have little/no control over the market in regards to oil/gas prices.  We’re with you in hoping they level off (if not drastically decrease) real soon.  In the meantime, the best all of us can do is make adjustments in other areas of our lives to offset the inconvenience.
As to the aforementioned type of fuel issue.  Rule of thumb, use what your vehicle specifically calls for and you’ll be fine.  If you drive a premium fuel only vehicle and choose unleaded, you’re asking for trouble.  This can cause major damage and the cost you were hoping to salvage will actually need to be spent on repairs tenfold.
Lastly, one of the most common oversights is trying to get by with driving your vehicle on 1/4 tank or less most of the time.  Doing this will place additional stress on your fuel pump, and essentially you’ll be asking your system to work 3-5 times as hard.  Simple equation, it won’t last as long as it’s designed to if constantly overworked.
Everyone can relate to this fuel price crisis but please don’t let this temporary setback cause you to make unwise and/or unsafe decisions.

Written by cargrandrapids