Five Facts About Mercedes-Benz You Didn’t Know

Mercedes 101

Mercedes-Benz is known for the design and engineering of their vehicles. Owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles have the confidence of having a vehicle that is known to have an outstanding combination of luxury, performance, and safety. The more you now about Mercedes-Benz, the more you can learn about your car. The expert technicians at Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, have identified some not well-known facts about the Mercedes-Benz brand that owners may find interesting.

License to Drive

Mercedes-Benz engineer Karl Benz pioneered so much of the automotive industry’s greatest advancements with the high-end luxury vehicle. One thing you may not know is that Karl Benz also received the first driver’s license. It was issued to him by the Grand Ducal of Baden District after the community complained about the vehicle’s smell and noise.

First in Nepal

The first vehicle ever operated in the country of Nepal was a Mercedes-Benz. It wasn’t until 1940, but it was a gift given to the King of Nepal. Not bad for a first car. That’s an amusing fact to talk about at dinner parties until someone asks, ‘who gifted him the Mercedes?’ Well, it was Adolph Hitler. That’s a really nice gift, but it might be the one time you politely decline a brand new Mercedes as a gift.

Good Enough For the Pope

We might say that the Mercedes-Benz is a vehicle fit for a king, but it has reached religious heights. Pope Benedict XVI’s Popemobile was built out of a Mercedes-Benz. No matter what the field or industry, Mercedes-Benz seems always to represent the best that the automotive industry has to offer. Maybe that should be a Mercedes slogan–a ride fit for kings and popes.

From All Around the World

We know that Mercedes-Benz is a German car, and we might assume that they’re all manufactured in Germany. They are built in Germany, but they’re also built in 30 other countries around the world. This seems like a good deal because it should cut down on import/export costs. Mercedes-Benz is providing jobs around the world in addition to comfortable driving experiences.

Safety First!

Safety has always been a priority of Mercedes-Benz, and we can tell it in the precision and durability with which they are built. The most important safety features, the brakes, were first applied to all four wheels by Mercedes. They were always thinking ahead and changing automotive standards for the better forever.

Your Local Mercedes-Benz Experts

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Written by Community Automotive