Top Four Most Common BMW Repairs

Frequent BMW Issues

The BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” but it takes a special kind of owner and driver to operate the ultimate driving machine. No offense, but many BMW owners think their high-end automobile should be treated like the average driving machine. So once in a blue moon, you’ll see a BMW that’s out of commission, and nine times out of ten, it’s because of driver negligence. Bring your BMW to the service experts at Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, for any of the Top Four Most Common Repairs:

Cracked Alloy Wheels

Your BMW’s alloy wheels are a major reason why it looks so good. Alloy wheels are more common on vehicles these days, but a cracked alloy wheel is a common repair for BMWs. If your BMW has a serious enough impact with a curb or a pothole, it could cause your wheel to crack. That crack may not make your vehicle undrivable, but it needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it can end up puncturing your BMW’s tires.

Electronic Systems

The BMW is a sophisticated and technologically advanced vehicle. Many of its standard features are not found on other vehicles, and these functions are electronic. BMW’s common features controlled electronically like the windshield wipers have been known to need attention. Some of the electronic malfunctions designed to enhance your BMW driving experience have been known to need repair.

Engine Management

The engine is another system where the driver’s handling of the BMW can affect the overall condition. BMW owners that fail to get appropriate oil and filter changes and push the engine beyond its limits find that it will respond negatively. Treat your BMW engine like it deserves to be treated by stopping by Community Automotive Repairin Grand Rapids, MI. Our BMW service experts handle your vehicle with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Door Locks

Remote locking and unlocking of the BMW’s doors are a standard feature. However, owners are reporting occasional problems with this system. This convenience is interrupted by a malfunction in the remote locking mechanisms, preventing doors from locking remotely. Our team is prepared to handle any key issues causing problems with locking the doors remotely. Let us know as soon as possible so our team can get to the bottom of it.

Written by Community Automotive