Choose (the most important) 2


Disclaimer: this is not new, nor an original concept, but important enough to address

Let’s face it, nobody would argue when they’re looking for the most ideal service experience it would include equal parts Quality, Cost, and Speed.  That, however, is the difference between idealism and reality.  The former is more akin to a fantasy world, whereas the latter is what actually happens.  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, and in many ways we encourage more of the same, but when it comes to (ethical and fair) business practices, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Whether at Community Automotive Repair or elsewhere, please keep this important principle in mind.  Decide what matters to you most and leverage your decisions based on those factors.  Is it impossible to experience Quality, Cost, and Speed simultaneously?  No.  But it’s highly unlikely.  With that said, perhaps a closer look at why might be helpful.

Quality – commonly referred to as workmanship.  This is where the cheapest price in town will suffer, every time.  In order to offer a more competitive value, inferior materials are (commonly) used.  It’s just that simple.  If this doesn’t matter to you, than the lowest advertised price may in fact be a fit.  Keep in mind, however, that longevity is all but eliminated from the equation.

Cost – self explanatory.  This is the most common objection, and we understand why.  At the same time, it’s often because of misinformation or lack of information.  For example, a routine oil change service “down the road” may be widely promoted as the best deal in town at $19.99, but what exactly are you/they receiving?  This argument can go both ways, depending on what’s important to you.  You may not care about using cheap quality parts, in which case once again the “deal” might prevail.  But on the other hand, if you learned that spending $10 more (on average) affords significantly better dependability and protection, you might reconsider.

Time – also self explanatory.  This factor can really make/break the experience, and often it depends on whether or not the person serving you has taken the time to best understand your needs.  If you’re expecting same day service and the provider isn’t up front with you about the possibility of the work taking an extra day or two, suffice to say this might be met with disappointment (and rightfully so).  If, however, you’re told the work might take up to a week and it’s completed in considerably less time… well, you get the point.  Bottom line, much can be clarified up front and the absence of a clear understanding can often lead to a less than satisfactory experience.

Now, as it pertains to this concept (commonly known as the Project Management Triangle), Community Automotive Repair stands by the fact that it’s up to our customers to decide what they value more.  The customer ultimately determines what takes precedence, and they order the three factors accordingly.

You’ll never hear us make a claim that we’re the cheapest in town, as we know full well what that implies.  You may, however, find that some of our services are in fact the lowest price.  This is not by design as much as coincidence.  The cost of our work is determined by fair market value, as well as the fact that it’s backed by an industry leading 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on all recommended premium services.

You’ll also never hear Community Automotive Repair say we’re the fastest because working at a break-neck pace too much (and for too long) can often lead to increased error.  We perform the necessary services at a pace that applies attention to detail, and takes into account the fact most don’t wish to be without their vehicle(s) any longer than necessary. 

The final factor is where we’ll land, and that’s on quality.  You actually will hear us declare that our quality is best and there’s a good reason for that.  We keep meticulous records of which parts/materials have performed up to (or exceeded) standards, as well as eliminate poorly performing counterparts from contention.  We only recommend what we know works, based entirely on experience rather than theory.  And lastly, the aforementioned warranty means we stand by our work 100%.  Should our customers have any issues within the designated time frame/mileage, and it’s directly related to work we’ve performed, we correct it on our dime.  Every time.  No questions asked.

Next time you’re considering “shopping around” the competition, please do so with this straight forward business model in mind.  Decide ahead of time how you might specifically rank each of the three factors, then proceed with confidence, knowing you’ve taken the time to develop a fair and mutually beneficial relationship.

Choose 2, and perhaps we’ll see you soon.

Written by cargrandrapids