Import Auto Repair—What, Carbon Buildup?

Yes, It Can Happen Who knew your vehicle’s engine could stop up like a chimney full of resin? Maybe you’re wondering, “Can it do that?” Yes, it can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep up with the recommended preventive maintenance service schedule for your automobile and make timely repairs as soon as […]

Spring Auto Care

While Old Man Winter may still have something to say about it, we’re cautiously excited to usher in Spring.  The sun’s beginning to shine, bulbs are poking through Mother Earth, and music is in the air.  Whether it’s actual sound produced from musical instruments or laughter and healthy energy coming from our neighborhood youth, we […]

Full Circle

“I used to have a car for no more than 100,000 miles and then trade it in, regardless of how well it might have been running – but I now realize I was stepping into a new risk each time.” And then, the refrain changes… as they continue with “The first couple times I did […]