Can Suspension Damage Be Repaired?

Damage Happens. How Will You Deal With It?

Despite your best efforts to keep your vehicle in that pristine, just-rolled-off-the-lot condition, damage sometimes happens. There are massive craters and caverns (okay, potholes), stunt ramps and mountains (okay, speed bumps), and even catastrophic events between multiple automobiles (okay, fender benders). Beyond these seemingly small (unless they happen to you) occurrences, there are actual severe crises. Any one of these things can potentially cause suspension damage. While you may not avoid it, you can deal with the results by visiting Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 1975, we’ve been helping our neighbors navigate suspension repair. Even though we specialize in import auto repair, we don’t turn you away no matter what make or model you drive.

What’s In a Suspension?

If your vehicle’s suspension needs help, perhaps you’re wondering precisely what is in a suspension. This is the broad name given to the collection of components that connect your auto to the road, help you control your car, and provide you with a comfortable ride. More specifically, the front suspension of a front-wheel-drive vehicle helps the vehicle move forward and enables you to control your auto through steering and stability. The exact function of the rear suspension depends on whether your car is front or rear-wheel drive. Important for traction between the tires and the road, the rear suspension has more components than the front of the vehicle is a rear wheel drive model. In either case, the system contains the basics parts of bearings, hubs, upper/lower control arms, axles, shock absorbers/struts, and steering knuckles.

Can It Be Repaired?

Because your vehicle’s suspension system is vital to safe and comfortable travel, you need to correct problems as they arise. Also, existing issues might worsen or cause more extensive damage over time. Certain damages can be fixed. For example, we can replace shocks or struts. Also, even if the damage is severe, it is possible to effect repairs such as straightening the frame. If metal parts are cracked or split, they should be replaced rather than repaired. Only in the most severe circumstances is your car not recommended for repair (totaled). If your vehicle has been involved in an incident or if you have other reason to suspect hidden damage, bring it to Community Automotive Repair. We’re affiliated with and recognized by multiple professional and consumer organizations (AAA, NAPA AutoCare, Bosch, and Angie’s list, among others). You can feel confident placing your trust and your vehicle with us.

Written by Community Automotive