This past winter may keep you busy…


Here at Community Automotive we belong to several industry specific networks.  One of those corresponding partners is RepairPal, and recently they published a brief article we believe is worth the two minutes of your attention it requires.

Now, to be clear, we’re quite emphatically welcoming in spring so this whole “winter” business is not being revisited without specific purpose.  It’s no secret this has been a challenging season for a lot of people in West Michigan, not to mention the world.  That said, all of us deserve to usher in new hope the coming season brings.  Bottom line, we’re ready to turn the page.
By the same token, neglecting to monitor a few residual items may lead to bigger issues down the road, so to speak.  We’d rather partner with you now and tackle small things before they prove to be a more significant concern.
Take quick inventory and please let us know when we may be of service.

Written by cargrandrapids