To put your body in motion.

Word travels fast.  It would serve all of us well to recognize and accept this.  We’ve done exactly that.  Not because we’re concerned about what people might say but rather we know that whatever they do choose to share will pass through tens and even hundreds of people in short order.  We’d rather give them reason to dance.  Yes, literally… if you’ve ever had that amazing experience as a customer, where things far exceed your expectations, you know where we’re going with this.  We’d like to be the reason behind _that_ dance.  Hollywood has often referred to this as the “happy dance.”  Do you have one, and what does it look like?
In order to get you moving early and often, we decided over 35 years ago to lead with honesty and integrity.  We feel it maximizes the potential that we’ll see more people dancing as they come and go, and that would be completely fine with us.
Whether modern pop/lock, old school break-dance, ballroom, or a more interpretive number is your preference… we like to see it all, and we enjoy being the motivation behind it even more.
Enjoy this amazing display, in hopes that we’ll catch your latest moves real soon.


Written by cargrandrapids