Import Auto Repair—What, Carbon Buildup?

Yes, It Can Happen Who knew your vehicle’s engine could stop up like a chimney full of resin? Maybe you’re wondering, “Can it do that?” Yes, it can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep up with the recommended preventive maintenance service schedule for your automobile and make timely repairs as soon as […]

Land Rover Discovery: A Great Vehicle with a Few Common Issues

Adventure on Wheels As the name suggests, something is interesting to find through every driving situation. Whether you’re taking a day trip to the beach, heading up into the mountains, hauling half the soccer team to the game, or just doing daily battle with commuter traffic to reach your job, your Land Rover Discovery is […]

Can Suspension Damage Be Repaired?

Damage Happens. How Will You Deal With It? Despite your best efforts to keep your vehicle in that pristine, just-rolled-off-the-lot condition, damage sometimes happens. There are massive craters and caverns (okay, potholes), stunt ramps and mountains (okay, speed bumps), and even catastrophic events between multiple automobiles (okay, fender benders). Beyond these seemingly small (unless they […]

Dealing with a Bad Brake Caliper

What Is It? Every driver knows the importance of brakes, but perhaps you’re not comfortable naming all the braking system components and their functions. That’s okay. We’re here to help you ensure that your system is working as it should and to make repairs if it isn’t. One part of your vehicle’s brakes are the […]

Five Facts About Mercedes-Benz You Didn’t Know

Mercedes 101 Mercedes-Benz is known for the design and engineering of their vehicles. Owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles have the confidence of having a vehicle that is known to have an outstanding combination of luxury, performance, and safety. The more you now about Mercedes-Benz, the more you can learn about your car. The expert technicians at […]

Top Four Most Common BMW Repairs

Frequent BMW Issues The BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” but it takes a special kind of owner and driver to operate the ultimate driving machine. No offense, but many BMW owners think their high-end automobile should be treated like the average driving machine. So once in a blue moon, you’ll see a BMW that’s […]

Land Rover’s Full Maintenance Service Plan

FAQ About Your Service Plan The Land Rover is everybody’s SUV. It’s as at home on the Interstate highway as it is on a jungle safari. Owners maintain all the comforts and amenities of a luxury vehicle while staying as rugged as it needs to be. This magical combination doesn’t happen without help from the […]

Who Named Your Porsche?

Brief History: Before Porsche Was Porsche The in-house numbering system for each Porsche design started before the make was introduced. Going back to 1931, every new design came from engineer Ferdinand Porsche’s office and was given a number in consecutive order. The numbers kept rising over the years, whether it was for car manufacturers like […]

Mercedes A and B Service

How Mercedes Ensures Quality Repair with the A and B Services Mercedes Maintenance Services The Mercedes slogan “The Best or Nothing” doesn’t just apply to their product. To be certified to repair Mercedes vehicles, technicians must undergo specialized training and courses. Along with many other things, these technicians will learn the two-phase process that Mercedes […]

BMW Inspection I and II

Why BMW Repair Is Easy with Two Types of Inspections BMW Inspection I and II BMW is known for its quality product and luxury it affords, but the service of a dealer does not end after the purchase of a vehicle. Not only can the car provide convenience, the method in which BMW repair is […]