ArtPrize 2013


If you’ve been anywhere near West Michigan the past five years, ArtPrize requires little to no introduction.  Nevertheless, it’s something we believe truly adds value to our community, and we’re proud of the way it brings more people to experience Grand Rapids.
This year’s not much different than last in terms of formalities, so you have over a thousand artists from all around the globe participating.  Like previous years, this may be a performance piece, a graphic arts presentation, a sculpture, an interactive collective, film documentary, or take on many other forms.  The point here being that art is subjective, and what may draw praise from one might result in criticism by another.
The founder, Rick DeVos, has maintained all along it’s about the “conversation.”  This is, to say, the focus is less about what some might consider good, bad, or indifferent, and everything to do with facilitating talks about the interaction with each piece, to boldly paraphrase.
Community Automotive Repair doesn’t have an official entry in this showcase, but we have plenty of friends, customers, and family participating.  This is a great time of year to take your loved ones through a tour of downtown, and even venture to some of the venues found outside the periphery.  Free entertainment can sometimes be hard to come by, but thankfully this adage does not hold true here.

Just about everything associated with ArtPrize will not lead to a thinner pocketbook, unless of course you should happen to fancy their merchandise.  A wide variety of impressive options are available in that regard, but naturally they have to draw the line of FREE somewhere.  All this to say, peruse the art at no charge but take something home for a nominal fee.
Don’t forget, The Rapid is a great way to see all ArtPrize has to offer, and you can do without the added pain of tired feet.  Public transit in Grand Rapids continues to improve and ride passes are available at each ArtPrize merchandise outlet.
Give yourself some time.  You don’t need to see everything in one, two, or even three days.  Choose a route and make it happen.  You’ll be glad you did.

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