April showers bring…

…May flowers, right?  Yes, we believe that’s the case.  But we’re going with the more obvious here: RAIN

Where there’s heavy rain, the right set of wiper blades can help keep visibility strong and prevent a potential traffic accident.  Most of us haven’t given much thought to wiper blades because they’re simply a necessity and we’re OK with what was on the vehicle when we bought it.  Does that describe you?  If so, that’s perfectly alright but you should still know your options.  Turns out there’s quite a bit more than the universal approach to wiper blade selection once you’ve selected the proper length for your specific vehicle.
Here are the most common variations on what’s available in today’s marketplace:
01. Standard – these are your run of the mill blades that resemble a coat hanger and are generally installed using a hook-shaped wiper arm fitting.
02. Flat – these blades do not feature a hanger-shaped frame, rather they have a tensioned metal strip that runs the length of each blade to form equal contact with your windshield.
03. Specific/OEM – these are blades that are designed specifically for your vehicle, direct from the manufacturer, and often cannot be found in retail outlets.
04. Refill – these cannot be used on the “flat” blades, but for conventional/standard, you can replace the rubber blade without replacing the frame. (*)
* this method should not be repeated several times consecutively or you run the risk of the blades malfunctioning
Most blades these days come with a wetnap cloth/solvent, which should be used prior to installation.  This compound helps revitalize the rubber since it can become dry and brittle over time (even while in packaging), and you’re more likely to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your wiper blades this way.
Blades can be found for as little as $5 each or upwards of $100/pair.  Bosch blades have stood the test of time and although they are slightly more expensive than a typical Rain-X or Anco look-alike, they have proven to last and perform consistently.  Bosch carries several different styles to fit both your budget and preference.  We stock a wide variety of brands and options.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions (616.774.7048).

Written by cargrandrapids