A picture's worth a…


…thousand words!  (but we won’t use nearly that many here)

If the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 (Bus) isn’t the most noticeable and memorable fixture of the “Woodstock” era, it simply must be among the top 3.  There’s no shortage of graphic images available from around the entire world, on display so each proud owner can show off their unique tribute to this now defunct mode of transportation.
In fact, this short blog entry was inspired by 4 different vintage VW buses seen in downtown Grand Rapids last weekend, on completely separate occasions.
Makes us pause long enough to appreciate the countless stories that are sure to be shared in the company of such creatively decorated machines (because it was a challenge to find one without a custom paint job, or at least vivid color).  Do you find the same holds true for you?
Take a break at some point and check out THIS tumblr spread, or if you don’t have a tumblr account just Google “vw hippie van” when time permits.  An entire plethora of colorful options will populate your screen, and quite possibly become reminiscent of some fond life experiences.
There’s even a fantastic annual event you can get involved with, if you should find yourself becoming a VW bus/van enthusiast.  You’ll have the opportunity to assemble with your friends and family, all while supporting a wonderful cause.  Win/win!
Whatever your level of exposure may already be with this fine German engineering, rest assured the Volkswagen Bus (or Camper, for our British folk) has forged a place in Pop Culture history.

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