A matter of time…


…and Spring will appear.  We promise.  As many of you are looking outside, whether from a vantage point similar to this picture or ground level residential, you’re likely seeing a lot of white.  OK, we get it.  With the exception of those into winter sports, the greater majority of you are tired of what Mother Nature’s throwing at us right now.  And that’s likely an understatement.  Right?  Well, the Polar Vortex can’t (and won’t) last forever.  We’d be OK to not hear those two words in the same sentence ever again, quite frankly.
Thankfully, rebirth is around the corner.  We celebrate its arrival with you.

Prior to this grand entry, we pause to honestly reflect on how your vehicle is getting you through the season right now.  Yes, this very moment.  Does your daily driver accurately portray the level of care you show it, or have you (not unlike many others) lost sight of the last time he/she received TLC?  Pardon the cliche’ but vehicles generally fall into that category of “you get out what you put into them.”

No guilt trip intended.  You’re not alone, and we’re not here to make you feel bad.  Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, our intentions are to partner with you and make certain your vehicles receive the proper preventative care.  And in the unlikely event there’s an issue, we’ll work together on correcting it fairly and honestly.  That’s what we do, bottom line.

So, consider this a courtesy reminder.  We know you’re busy and completely understand how easy it can sometimes be to get off track.  Let’s collectively assure you’re prepared for spring.  Sound good?
You know how to reach us, and we look forward to serving you.
(now, let’s go usher out ol’ man winter together… what do you say?)

*image courtesy of GRnow

Written by cargrandrapids